CLA Presented to David Horner and Greg Potten

CLA Presented to David Horner and Greg Potten

In an evolving claims industry, highly qualified independent loss adjusters are essential. 

The Canadian Independent Adjusters’ Association is proud to offer its membership challenging credentialing programs, defining competency, knowledge, skills and experience distinct from the already demanding requirements mandatory in attaining a full independent adjusters’ license.

The FCLA, CLA, FCIAA are much more than just initials after a name. They are the only credentials exclusively distinguishing outstanding ability and qualifications in the very complex and technical field of independent loss adjusting.

CIAA Western Region President, Jody Schmidt and Gary Ellis, CIAA Director and Chair of the National Designation/Education Committee were honoured, to present David Horner of Kernaghan Adjusters and Greg Potten, BPE, CIP, CFEI, CRM of AMG Claims, with the Chartered Loss Adjuster (CLA) accreditation.  Having met stringent experience and competency requirements, David and Greg, successfully completed a further 60 hours of comprehensive claim specific courses including  technical property courses, adjuster skill and knowledge courses as well as legal concept courses in contract law and tort law.

They are now eligible to proudly display the CLA designation, reflecting the essential skills required for efficient and effective loss adjustment.