CIAA Membership Application/Renewal


CIAA Membership is Corporate and open to all Canadian Licensed Independent Adjusting Firms. Each Adjuster associated with or employed by a Member Firm and registered with their Provincial/Territorial regulator, regardless of level of license, MUST also hold Individual Membership.

Membership fees are $265 annually for the Firm including one Principal. Each Adjuster up to the first 100 adjusters on staff are $265 each and $75 per Adjuster over 100 adjusters on staff.

Application for Corporate Membership

Application for Individual Membership

International Associate Membership

Foreign Independent Adjusting Firms may apply for the status of International Associate.

Membership fees are $100 USD annually for the Firm and $30 USD per Branch Office.

Application for Associate Membership

Retiree Membership

Persons retired from active service who are past members of the association are eligible for membership as a Retiree.

Membership fees are $132.50 annually.

Application for Retiree Membership

Group of Young CIAA Members