Letter of Authority

In order to obtain a license, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete an Insurance Adjuster application, provide applicable supporting documents and pay the required fee.
  • Be familiar with the laws of Ontario relating to the licensing of adjusters.
  • Be sponsored by an adjusting company, adjusting partnership or fully licensed adjuster.

Within 30 months of holding the letter of authority the following four IIC courses must be completed successfully:

  • C11 (Principles and Practices of Insurance) or both C-81 and C-82 (GIE)
  • C12 (Insurance on Property)
  • C14 (Automobile Insurance — Part 1)
  • C110 (Essentials of Loss Adjusting)

Probationary Adjusters License

Within 30 months of receiving a Probationary Adjuster’s License, the following four IIC courses must be completed successfully:

  • C13 (Insurance Against Liability)
  • C32 (Bodily Injury Claims)
  • C111 (Advanced Loss Adjusting)
  • C112 (Practical Issues in Claims Management)

Restrictions for Letter of Authority and Probationary Adjuster:


  • sign any report or communication addressed to an insurer
  • sign any other correspondence without permission of the employer
  • negotiate the settlement of any bodily injury claim
  • authorize repairs to property or agree to accept any bill regarding a claim without the consent of the employer.

Full Adjusters License

  • Must have successfully completed the 8 IIC courses outlined under Letter of Authority and Probationary Adjuster’s License. 
  • Must register and pay the required fee through CIAA no later than six weeks in advance of the desired examination date.
  • Must successfully pass a computer based exam with a mark of 70% or higher in Automobile, Liability, Property.
  • Must be employed full time by an independent adjusting firm.


  1. Individuals may attempt the computer based examination without taking the required courses if they have a Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation or a Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional (FCIP) designation.
  2. Individuals who are unsuccessful in attaining all three lines (Auto, Liability, Property) in the computer based exam will be eligible to appear before a  Qualification Panel to complete an oral exam specific to the line(s) required.
  3. The computer based exam format is multiple choice, short answer and one scenario question.
  4. The material covered in the CBE mirrors the material that was covered in the “oral” exam.
  5. Candidates are expected to demonstrate a broad overall understanding of certain elements of claims adjudication and demonstrate the ability to identify different exposures and have a basic understanding of the important elements of each type of claim.
  6. The examination will test ability in correctly identifying and interpreting the provisions of the insurance contract, the auto policy, property and general liability insurance protection.
  7. Appeal requests to be directed to CIAA National Office along with the required fee.
  8. The results may take two to three weeks from the day of the exam.  Candidates will receive an automatically generated e-mail advising them they can log in to the IIC system to pick up their grades.

Exam Registration Deadlines:

April exam session: February 15th

July exam session: May 15th

December exam session: October 15th


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