Prince Edward Island

Probationary Adjuster’s License

Must be supervised by a Full licensee, who works out of the same location as the Probationary licensee. All claims reports and settlement offers completed or submitted by the Probationary licensee must be reviewed and countersigned by the Full licensee. A Supervision Undertaking detailing this relationship must be signed by both the supervising Full adjuster and the Probationary adjuster.

Probationary adjuster must complete C11 (or C81 and C82 as an equivalent) of the Insurance Institute of Canada syllabus during their initial year of being licensed.

Full Adjuster’s License

Must have two years practical experience and complete eight courses from the syllabus within five years of becoming a probationary adjuster. There are five mandatory courses, which are C11, C14, C32, C110, and C111. Completion of C81 and C82 in lieu of C11 constitutes one course for the purpose of obtaining the eight required.

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