IFAA Accreditation

The International Federation of Adjusting Associations, (IFAA), is a global association of which CIAA is a member. The IFAA actively promotes the role of its member Loss Adjusting Institutes/Associations and their Members to a worldwide audience. The IFAA has a strict Code of Professional Conduct, adhered to by the following member Institutes/Associations:

The high adjusting standards both in education and experience, which are promoted within the IFAA, are in a large part due to the rigid standards enforced by the member associations.

The IFAA’s Accreditation Programs are available for individual members who are members of one of IFAA’s member Institutes/Associations.

The IFAA has agreed to accept as “Fellows” or “Associates” (the titles of an IFAA accredited claims person) any person who has the written support of an IFAA member (e.g. CIAA) who has qualified to a certain standard within their own Institute/Association.

Fellow of the International Federation of Adjusting Associations – FIFAA
Associate of the International Federation of Adjusting Associations – AIFAA

Group of Young CIAA Members