FCIAA Designation

Membership as Fellow of the Canadian Independent Adjusters’ Association is open to licensed individuals who are owners, partners, officers or senior employees of a Member Firm. Applications will be considered where the applicant has had not less than fifteen (15) years practical experience in the adjustment of loss, and has qualified as a Level III in Adjusting and possesses outstanding qualifications and ability with respect to the adjustment of loss. In addition, each applicant must either:

  • have made, through their efforts outside the adjustment of loss, a real and recognized contribution to the insurance industry, or
  • prepare and submit a written presentation dealing with the applicant’s view or analysis of a subject pertaining to the insurance business which is judged to be of superior merit

A sworn declaration must be submitted in writing to the Regional Executive of the region to which the Individual Member belongs. Attached to the declaration shall be (a) details to support the age and experience requirements; (b) full particulars to demonstrate the applicant’s ability in the adjustment of loss; (c) full particulars of the applicant’s real and recognized contribution to the insurance industry, or a written presentation as described above. The Regional Executive shall confirm that the age and experience requirements have been met, and that the supporting documentation with respect to the additional requirements has merit, and shall pass the application together with the additional submitted particulars to the Executive Committee.

Having satisfied itself that the application has merit, the Executive Committee will refer such application to a Special Standing Committee for final consideration. In considering any application for the designation Fellow of the Canadian Independent Adjusters’ Association, the Special Standing Committee shall have the authority to make any independent inquiry of the matter which they deem advisable.

The Special Standing Committee shall be composed of not fewer than three (3), each to be a senior and experienced person from the adjusting field or the insurance industry or a suitable person with particular qualifications. Members of this committee shall be as named from time to time by the Executive Committee.

The designation Fellow of the Canadian Independent Adjusters’ Association, once attained by a person, shall be held for life by that person.


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