Level III Adjuster

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Membership as a Level III Adjuster is open to licensed individuals who are associated with or employed by a Member Firm. Every adjuster employed by a Member Firm shall be required to qualify as a Level III by one of the following methods, and shall satisfy the Executive Committee that:


  1. Must be employed by a licensed and practicing CIAA/ACEI member firm.
  2. Must successfully complete the following IIC courses:
    1. C 111 Advanced Loss Adjusting
    2. C 112 Practical Issues in Claims Management
    3. Elective CIP Course
    4. C 16 The Business of Insurance, or
  3. Must have attained their CIP/AIIC designation with the Insurance Institute of Canada, or hold a principal - "full" Independent Adjuster license in their primary - resident jurisdiction;
  4. Must have a minimum of sixty (60) months of employment as a licensed Insurance Adjuster or sixty (60) months employment as a claims examiner, staff adjuster, or claims manager in a general insurance company or a combination thereof; within the immediate preceding ten (10) year period; with the most recent twenty-four (24) months of employment as a licensed independent adjuster.
  5. No Level III, Level II, or Level I member shall use after their name any letters or words to indicate that they are a member, Level I, Level II, or Level III of the Association.